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Aye Aye! Candleholder

Original price $16.20 - Original price $36.81
Original price
$16.20 - $36.81
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Aye Aye! is a family of rugged, round and bold cast iron candleholders inspired by the time of adventure and discovery, when the enthusiasm of the Industrial Revolution revealed the world to travellers and fortune seekers. The fleet is composed of four sizes – from a small tugboat with one funnel to a hefty steamship with four big ones. All navy-themed colours are available: red, blue, black and grey. Each funnel is designed to fit either a tea-light candle for cosy harbour lighting or a taper candle as a pillar of steam.  Aye Aye! vessels can be combined in any size and number and create various themes that will be easy to adjust to different happenings and backgrounds.

Color: Dark red